Prologue (Part I)

The year is 625 since the founding of our glorious Kaedwin Empire, and it has been 6 years since Emperor Nero usurp the throne. It was the bloodiest coup d’état ever done. More than 250 thousands lives lost during that time, more than half of the senates and their families were executed. All that remained are those who are loyal to Emperor Nero. Although it was bloody in the beginning, but i think it is a good change for the Empire. Under Emperor Nero’s leadership, our glorious empire became even more prosper than ever, our military reach is unrivaled, and four years after Emperor Nero reigned, he declared war against the Holy Kingdom of Etheron, and today is exactly two years since the war began.

War was never a pleasant thing, it is, in fact a worst nightmare you can ever imagine. I’ve seen the horror of war during the coup d’état. Street filled with blood and corpses, soldiers were screaming and dying everywhere. But one thing that makes people doesn’t hate Emperor Nero, in fact many people adore him and say that he is a good and fair emperor is that he never killed civilian during his revolution. In fact his strict order was to never harm any civilian during this and previous war. There was a legate who used his position to take a village girl and when Emperor Nero heard about this, he executed the Legate in front of all Legions and since then, nobody misuses their position anymore. On the other hand, Emperor Nero is someone who values skills over status, be it noble or commoner, if they have skills and merits, they will be rewarded accordingly. And that is why I joined military 5 years ago. War, although it is hell on earth, but it is an opportunity for someone who has skill, *ahem* like me, to find fortune and glory. Through my skills and bravery to leads my brothers in arms during the siege of Fort Kronox, I was appointed as Centurion. And today, as one of Centurion of the Legio I Adiutrix under the command of Legate Domitian, we are besieging the city of Karta, the last Fortress city before the Holy Etheron Kingdom’s capital, Ethera.

Etheron Kingdom and our Empire are always at each other’s’ throat. Nevertheless we never went to a total war, not since few generations ago. Aside from territorial dispute, the biggest issue that makes us like oil and water is the belief that we hold. The main religion in Etheron is the Temple of Kaleidon, with its main teaching is about human supremacy, whereas the Empire has firm believe in power. Yes, human supremacy, because there are various non-human races such as beastmen, dwarves, orcs, and elves. Human occupies the majority of this continent, perhaps which is the basic of their teaching. But for the Empire that seeks strength, unless becoming a royal blood or emperor, the highest position that non-human can get is as a chancellor even entitled as duke. Nonetheless, this kind of teaching is somehow quite popular among other human kingdom, and because Etheron is the center of the teaching, their allies rushed to help them. But even they banded together, they were no match before the Empire’s might. Even though it took us four years, but with one last push, the complete victory shall be ours.

Well, like I said, one last push, one more fortress city to claim and we will be victorious. So here we are laying siege at the outskirt of the Karta. According to the decision made in the council, I will lead my unit on the second wave of attack on the eastern wall. We will assault their wall using the ladders and under artillery support and try to open the gate from the inside. Well, according to the strategist, it will be less heavily guarded, since the main assault will be focused on the southern side, but, nothing is certain in war. All I can do is prepare for the worst in any situation.

When I return to my unit, my men are waiting for me. I can see some of them showing anxious faces, and some are filled with excitement, as for me a well-mixed feeling of both.

“Men, we will assault the city from the eastern wall and be on the second wave for tomorrow’s attack. But don’t worry, we will still have plenty enemies to kill. This will be their last stand. Here, in this city, they will throw everything they have to stop our march to their capital, so expect the best of your enemies. Even so, I expect that every last one of you will be better than them.”

“Sir, yes sir.”

“Rest now, tomorrow, we will show them our might.”

“Sir, yes sir.”

After saying what I need to, I went back to my tent. I took off my armor and went to sleep.



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