Prologue (Part II)

War is truly hell on Earth. People are dying, screaming in agony, bodies scattered everywhere as if they have no value, and it’s the worst nightmare you can imagine. But as I said, it’s also opportunity for people like me. And right now, I will achieve even more merit and make my parents live in prosperity.

The first wave of attack has been collapse. Although not completely, but soon they will be wiped out. So now, the general sending the second wave of attack which is included me and my company in it. Legate Domitian really wanted to take this city as soon as possible, as in TODAY, because there’s news telling that the Kingdom has sent a reinforcement from the west and its ally sending them help them from the north, if they arrive and we still besieging this city, we will be forced to fight with the divided force, and that is something that you should not do in a war. Well it is something that is something, even someone with a lowly educated person like me understood. So, with this second wave of attack, I will do anything to make it a success.

“You, rise your shield firmly, and make sure there is no gap between men beside you, and all of you better keep up the pace, we will be the one who open the gates for our allies!”

“Yes sir!”

As I shouted to my men, they began to rise up their speed, and soon, we reached the wall.

“Keep your shields up, third line, throw your pilum, your targets are those who are trying to cut the ladder.”

When the ladder latched on the wall, the enemy’s troops were trying to cut it down. But they were became victims to our pilum. But we experience casualties too, some were became targets for the arrows, some fell even before reaching the wall, but those who survived the fall, they put their pain aside, and quickly began to climb the ladder again. I too follow them to climb the ladder.

As I arrived at the top of the wall, an enemy tried to stab me, but fortunately, one of my men managed to stab him first from the back and throw him from the wall.

“Centurion, are you alright?”

“Yes, now form up shield barricade, and keep the enemies away from the ladder.”

“Yes sir.”

They quickly formed barricade to allow more of our men arrive safely. When all of them arrived, I told them to form tetsudo and move to the gate house. Once we captured the gate house, we will open the gate so that our cavalries can rush into the city

Just as we are starting to move in tetsudo formation to the gate house, suddenly there is a loud bang coming from the sky. It was so loud and deafening that makes all noise from the battlefield became nothing compare to it. And suddenly everyone stopped from whatever they were doing; instead, we look up into the sky in unison. There’s a bright light coming from the sky, it so bright, even brighter than the sunlight. Perhaps because the light was closer than the sun, so it looked brighter, but it made freeze in confusions and amassment. And then everything was wrapped in the light, it was so bright, so blinding, yet it was so warm and it made me felt at easy and then everything became silent. So silent that I can’t even heart my heart’s beating.




this is the end of the prologue, next is the chapter I and the appearance of the MC. 🙂

Nope. i haven’t decided when the MC will appear. :p



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